Accelerating in Nottingham

We started BakerBaird around two years ago now. That’s it – nearly 24 months gone. Bang.

First year? Ignition – new ideas, new clients, new places. A journey that took us from Nottingham to Edinburgh to London to India to Los Angeles. An incredible 12 months.

Second year? Picking up speed – more new clients, deeper relationships, big campaigns, some serious influencing work. And more travel bills.

Year three? It’s not really started yet. But we already know year three is Accelerate.

With clients still taking us across the UK and abroad, our most popular piece of kit remains a laptop bag. But it’s time to put down roots and we’ve been picky about where we go.

We looked at conventional office space, at shared workspace, at quiet corners of other people’s premises. In the end, the answer was right under our noses: an environment where it’s just easier to do business.

It’s handy – we’re two minutes from the tram network, 10 minutes from the train to London, 30minutes to the airport.

It’s frictionless – you plug in, get on, they sort all the housekeeping stuff.

It’s inspiring – we’re surrounded by interesting people doing fascinating things in innovative ways. We learn.

It sends out the right signals – this is a high-quality environment which comes across as an intelligent choice.

And the coffee’s good. Seriously. There’s a groundfloor café which serves up coffee roasted by the 200 Degrees people and any environment which covers off small details like that is tuned into the rising expectations of 21st century start-ups and scale-ups.

If you haven’t guessed already, it’s Accelerate Places Nottingham, part of a growing network of coworking hubs which also takes in Manchester and London.

We like it because it’s not a skin-deep disguise for vanilla-flavoured office property. Behind Accelerate lies Blenheim Chalcot, a massively successful venture builder run by people who’ve written the book on identifying and exploiting new opportunities opened up by technology.

So Accelerate Places builds on their own experience of creating the kind of environment in which businesses and their people can thrive.

We’re benefiting from that experience. Moving into Accelerate Places Nottingham is part of the journey for us.

As a business led by a former regional director of comms for the UK government and an ex-daily newspaper business editor, we’ve worked with some fabulous public, private and third sector clients in sectors ranging from academia to technology.

On their behalf we’ve generated ideas, developed relationships, leveraging our own significant professional experience to deliver a mix of integrated public relations and communications activities. We’ve also trained clients who range from doctors to diplomats.

We’ve advised and delivered communications relating to major corporate transactions, large-scale infrastructure projects, city marketing, internal communications, PR campaigning, stakeholder relations and the everyday activity of businesses and organisations large and small. And we’ve picked up three Chartered Institute of Public Relations awards on the way.

Come and Accelerate with us!