What we do

We’ll get you seen and heard. In the right way. Based in Nottingham but working for UK-wide clients, we can bring your business to life, open people’s eyes to your organisation’s aims, make your people feel like they’re moving in the right direction.

  • Devising and delivering integrated communications strategies for your business or organisation – whether that is reaching new audiences or markets, building your reputation with the media, or building capacity within your own organisation;
  • Harnessing different channels to reach your audiences: in an age of choice and digital media, we deliver high quality content to make your messages stand out;
  • Media training and support – whether it is preparing your organisation to be more media friendly, or dealing with a crisis, we are experts in how to manage the media.
  • High quality print, publications and events

Our strategies

megaphone-50092What does your business or organisation want to achieve? How do you want to be seen by the world around you, whether that’s your sector, your customers, the community you’re based in or your own people? And how do we make sure that image is reflected in everything you do and say?

A communications strategy makes sure you talk that language. It isn’t about cliches or slogans, but a way of talking and doing things that reflects what you are, how you operate and where you’re heading. You don’t need to put on an act and dress it up in an off-the-shelf slogan. Every business or organisation is heading somewhere, and a good communications strategy gives that direction a voice.

How does that express itself? That’s where we come in. We’ll talk to you about what you do, where you’ve come from and where you’re heading. We’ll discuss your market and the kind of people you work with. And we’ll choose language that tells your story. We’ll help you raise your profile in simple, sustainable ways.

In an environment where business partnerships are important, we will also work with the businesses and organisations you work with to make sure communications are consistent and effective.

Focus & succeed

press-899477_640Anything and everything? Not quite. We can cover most methods of communication, but we won’t take a scattergun approach. Nor should you. You want focus and you want results. So do we.

As two experienced professionals, we can produce media releases which will set the standard and meet the needs of a media which is under pressure in a way it’s never been before.

At a time when the media is trying to drive audience growth through social media and online tools, we’ll make sure you can respond in an authoritative and timely manner.

We’ll also help you drive your own audience through the development of your own content in terms of news, commentary and blogs – content which can be showcased on your website, delivered to customers’ desktops through email newsletters, and shared through the websites of partner businesses and organisations.

We will also help you exploit the power of your authority and relationships through events and special reports.

Finally, we can help add polish internally to the way you talk to your own people and externally in the way you communicate important messages to public decision-makers

What you choose from this menu is up to you. But be assured you’ll be working with people who have spent their lives crafting messages with an audience in mind.


humansSo that’s us – Baker-Baird Communications, based in Nottingham but working across the UK and worldwide. Give us a call.


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Stuart Baird

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