How can you drive diversity in your business? #AcceleratingGrowth

04 Feb 2021

We are delighted to have worked with Invest in Nottingham, to host the first of three fantastic virtual events, which offers  companies advice on how to scale up and thrive.…

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Facing 2021 with confidence – #AcceleratingGrowth

08 Jan 2021

We are fortunate to live in such a vibrant region with so much going on: surrounded by fantastic people who know their onions and want to give something back to…

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Welcome Jas – our newest team member

18 Nov 2020

BakerBaird Communications are pleased to announce their latest hire fresh from one of the PR industry’s top university faculties, Sheffield Hallam. Jasmyn Nagar joins the team as an account manager…

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Should we do a podcast? 

13 Nov 2020

Over the past week it’s been our pleasure to support a client launch its first podcast. According to Statista – 15.6million of us, just in the UK, tuned into podcasts…

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Learning leadership lessons from Leeds

18 Oct 2020

Everyone is clamouring for the secrets of authentic leadership. What are the qualities we need to drive corporate success? Look no further from the old/new kids on the Premier League…

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Sustainable futures

Rebuilding Britain: Generation Lockdown expects better

15 Oct 2020

When we plan out the future, it’s usually grounded in the commercial ‘now’ blended with a mix of forecast future demand and some ideas about technology and people. Until recently,…

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Rebuilding Britain Part II: Rational reasons for HS2

24 Jul 2020

In the second of our series of articles exploring key initiatives which will shape Britain’s future, we examine the way we take big infrastructure decisions In his book ‘The Righteous…

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Rebuilding Britain Part I: Nottingham shows how Chancellor’s green growth could work

09 Jul 2020

Rebuilding Britain Part I: In the first of three articles, we explore some of the key initiatives which will shape the future of the regional and national economy When the…

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Something happened to comms during the Covid-crisis

02 Jun 2020

I remember during the financial crisis, when I still worked in a daily newsroom, that PR was still doing what you expected it to. Only less of it. It was…

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Giving voice to regional Britain

25 Nov 2019

If you follow the general election, it feels like a circus travelling from town to town: political leaders, TV crews and pundits from Westminster going from one place to another…

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JDRF & T1 diabetes: charity of the year

13 Nov 2019

On worldwide diabetes day, we’re delighted to announce our media training partner HayesCollins media have adopted Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) as its charity for the year. BakerBaird and HayesCollins…

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Tackling the hidden homelessness crisis

11 Nov 2019

Think about homelessness and what do you see? A man huddled in a shop doorway begging for spare change?  A sleeping bag on a street corner? There’s no denying these…

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Welcome Gaby: our brilliant new hire

24 Jul 2019

Nottingham based public relations agency, BakerBaird Communications, has added to its roster of  staff by bringing in an experienced NHS director of communications. Gaby Taylor (nee Insley) has 16 years’…

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Supporting new talent in Public Relations

28 Jun 2019

We were delighted this week to welcome our first ever work experience student. As a public relations company we’re committed to supporting new talent into the profession.. here it is…

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PR’s vital role in tackling child sexual exploitation

02 Apr 2019

As a chief executive of a charity, I hear the narratives of survivors of child sexual exploitation (cse) on a daily basis. I talk to professionals caring for and dealing…

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Making a real impact: life changing innovation

21 Dec 2018

I’ve been fortunate to work on so many different interesting things and with amazing people throughout my career but this year came a life-changing, life-saving transformational project which tops the…

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BakerBaird Communications celebrates year 3

10 Dec 2018

It seems like only five minutes ago that we launched BakerBaird Communications. Yet here we are starting Year 4. Three years have flown by in a haze of travel, events,…

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Can entrepreneurs find inspiration from fashion? Paul Smith’s top tips for success

15 Nov 2018

Global fashion icon Sir Paul Smith revealed his top tips for success and where he finds inspiration to a packed audience at the University of Nottingham this week. Born and…

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PR is GREAT: New book celebrates the profession

17 Oct 2018

It was my privilege to be able to contribute to Platinum, a new book published today celebrating 70 years of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations with a host of…

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#Uni Days 30 years on: from 1988 to 2018

18 Sep 2018

My home city, Nottingham, will visibly “lift” over the next few weeks when over 60,000 students will descend on the city with all the aspirations, anxieties and expectation of Class…

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Why tech has always been part of the furniture in Nottingham

27 Jul 2018

  BakerBaird Communications is based in Accelerate Places Nottingham, part of the tech venture builder Blenheim Chalcot. One thing you tend to notice when you visit Accelerate Places is the…

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PR award entries – five reasons to make them perfect

26 Jul 2018

As summer starts to fade, thoughts will start turning to the Autumn award ceremonies. Entries are valuable investments of your time. It’s easy to dismiss them as a vanity project,…

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Remember the unsung heroes of the NHS

02 Jul 2018

AS we celebrate the 70years of our national health service, our attention turns as ever to those at the frontline – the GPs, specialists, surgeons, consultants, nurses and midwives.  It…

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#Hospital -brave, powerful, necessary

03 May 2018

If a sign of a well-made television programme is its ability to evoke emotions in its audience, then BBC2’s Hospital certainly hit the mark. From joy to despair, frustration to…

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Sarah Matthews

Experienced NHS communicator added to BakerBaird team

09 Mar 2018

BakerBaird, a strategic communications and public affairs agency based in Nottingham has added to its roster of staff by bringing in an experienced NHS communicator and former journalist. Sarah Matthews…

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Leeds United Football Club crest

Lessons for all: the Leeds United re-brand

26 Jan 2018

When Leeds United melted social media this week by unveiling a new club crest which was universally disparaged not least by its own fans, former and current players and influential…

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cropped BBc icon

Experience drives expansion at BakerBaird

20 Sep 2017

A communications and relationships business set up by a former head of communications for the Government and a senior journalist has appointed two new associates. BakerBaird, run by Richard Baker…

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brass monkeys

Everything is great – in PR

17 Sep 2017

In Greek mythology, Nemesis lured Narcissus to a pool where he was so absorbed  with his own reflection, he lost the will to live. Is the world of PR so…

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Opera Star Deborah Norman

International opera star plays church hall to raise funds for girl’s life changing op

25 Jul 2017

Here at BakerBaird we like to give something back to support our city, county and those who live here. Last year we helped promote Nottingham in Parliament Day and recently…

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Public sector comms leading the way

16 Jun 2017

Public sector communicators gathered in the West Midlands this week for a GCS local event and the private sector can learn much from their collaborative and inclusive approach. This sector…

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Manchester Evening News

Finding words when there are none

27 May 2017

The horrific events of Monday evening in Manchester have torn lives apart for countless families and in the middle of this but in the background, unseen communicators will face their…

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Chris Child

Chris joins BakerBaird

17 Mar 2017

Experienced communicator Chris Child is the latest addition to the BakerBaird family, delivering superb work for our clients already. Chris has been a communicator for over 40 years, more than…

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Stuart Baird with students

“What’s your best piece of advice for someone starting their career in PR?”

17 Feb 2017

Final year PR students across the country are currently tightening up their research, polishing off their dissertations and prepping for their finals at the same time thinking about entering the…

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BakerBaird in parliament

We are one

12 Dec 2016

One year ago BakerBaird Communications set forth into the world. The business plan was pretty simple: we can do this. What is ‘this’? In world of fast-paced change and transformation,…

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Stuart Baird at awards ceremony

BakerBaird: two countries, two awards

21 Oct 2016

BakerBaird Communications scooped two awards at this year’s prestigious Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide ceremonies, one in the Midlands and one north of the border in Scotland. Stuart Baird…

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PRide 2016 Shortlist

BakerBaird awards shortlist bridges two nations

22 Jul 2016

BakerBaird were shortlisted this week for their work in both England and Scotland in the prestigious Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) PRide Awards. In Scotland, work with client NHS…

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midlands engine

Midlands Engine set to roar

10 Jul 2016

The Midlands Engine summit this time last week, held at Trent University’s impressive city conference centre, attracted a broad mix of business leaders, universities and local authorities and from the…

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holding hands

Engagement is a contact sport

30 Jun 2016

I like my neighbour. If he came around now and said “Stuart, can I borrow your car for a day, mine’s knackered” I would give him the keys. I’ve known…

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Stuart Baird and a child using a mobile phone

This just got real…

21 Mar 2016

The reason I love PR is that you get the chance to make a difference to peoples’ lives – challenge perceptions, change peoples’ behaviours. Earlier this year I took part…

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Jo is on board with BakerBaird

21 Mar 2016

We are pleased to announce that Nottingham’s Jo Sheppard has joined the BakerBaird team. Jo has 20 years of experience as a creative and trusted communications specialist after starting out…

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