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It’s the outcome, stupid

06 Jan 2016

I have never been a social media apostate. I have had a twitter account since 2009, I blog, I have been on umpteen courses on digital strategy and evaluation. I teach…

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Web comms: Four-course meal or light bite?

17 Dec 2015

This isn’t a long article with thousands of words split into slabby paragraphs. If it was it would die. This is the interweb, see, and in web comms short and…

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Nottingham agency aims to bridge the private/public sector gap

10 Dec 2015

A new communications and public relations agency was launched in Nottingham by a former Nottingham Evening Post business editor and regional director for Government communications.   BakerBaird Communications matches Richard…

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In the beginning…

08 Dec 2015

What is this ‘communications business’? Why is it here? What can it do? Well, there are three things you need to know. 1) It’s about the content: There is no such thing…

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